How could these playbooks help me?

  • These streamlined systems allow you to build core competency projects in repeatable timeframes so you can make the consistent money you want and satisfy your clients with high quality pieces that they will gather around for generations. Use these playbooks to prevent mistakes that could cost you countless hours, headaches and money. 

Do I need woodworking, metalworking or entrepreneurial experience? 

  • While any experience helps, it's not necessary! The playbooks are fully comprehensive and teach you just about every detail you'll need to know to build beautiful pieces and run a successful business. Guides are meant to be so step-by-step that you don't need background knowledge. 

Why are they so expensive?

  • I have invested thousands of hours honing my craft and am constantly looking for ways to improve to create the highest quality pieces in a time-efficient manner. This time and effort has value for both you and me. 

Will I actually make the money I want? 

  • Assuming you put in the appropriate amount of effort and there is local market interest for quality custom furniture, following these processes will provide a very strong basis for the opportunity to make the money you want. 

Are these playbooks for part-time or full-time builders? 

  • Either! You can easily adjust the pricing template to meet your needs. You can work as little or as much as you'd like. 

What if I'd like to hire employees instead of working by myself? 

  • These overall strategies work for both owner/operators and companies with employees. The pricing template can be adapted to include employees if desired.

What type of pieces produce the highest profit margins? 

  • Tables! I generally enjoy these the most and push to market them more than anything else. For reference, an average table built out of solid red oak looks like this:
    • ~16 hours start to finish (including meeting with clients)
    • Sale price of $1,800. Sales tax is charged separately.
    • ~$425 in direct material
    • $1,375 gross profit minus
      • Overhead and operating expenses at ~$13/hr 
      • Self-employment tax (15.3% on 92.35% of net profit)
    • Resulting in ~$63/hr net profit

What kind of tools do I need? How much will I need to spend? 

  • Larger woodworking tools needed include a jointer, planer and table saw. These will generally be your most expensive purchases. Other woodworking tools will add up cumulatively. 
  • Metalworking tools are relatively inexpensive in comparison. The recommended welder and gas tank are the priciest at about ~$1,000 total new. However, metalworking is not required to make this business model run if you aren't interested in that aspect. 
  • Note that most tools can be bought secondhand for a fraction of the retail price. Consumer-grade tools are often acceptable for handheld tools. Realistically, a minimum of $5,000 or so is needed to get started.

Why shouldn't I buy these playbooks? 

  • While these systems and content provide a great basis for building a high quality custom furniture business, being an entrepreneur is still a challenge and shouldn't be taken lightly. Also, keep in mind that woodworking and metalworking require a lot of physical activity which are great for your health but can be tiresome. Remember...slow is smooth, smooth is fast. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

Is there any kind of support?

  • Of course. I'm happy to answer any questions you have. My contact information is in the footer of this site. 

Do I need CAD software?

  • Yes. Populated SketchUp documents are provided with build guides. SketchUp is free to use, works on both PCs and Macs and is easy to learn. 

What type of files are included?

  • Playbooks are in PDF format (text and pictures). Also included are Excel, Numbers, JPEG, SketchUp and text files to comprise the whole package. 

    Where should I start? 

    • Please read the "Start Here - Introduction" guide after downloading. 

    Why can't I open the .zip file? 

    • Use 7-Zip (https://www.7-zip.org/) if you're having trouble opening the file. Content is compressed on a Mac and this program allows for compatibility between operating systems.